Episode 8 - The Change Cycle


The Change Cycle is the cycle we go through whenever we try to change the status quo. Our minds kinda like the status quo, and they naturally resist change, which can cause us to cycle back to where we started. 


The cycle looks like this: 

1. Discontent - you are tired of your current situation, for whatever reason

2. Breaking Point - our discontent reaches a high enough level to motivate change

3. Decision - we decide to change and we declare it

4. Fear hits - your brain says, "Wait, what? We're changing? Well, that doesn't seem like a good idea at all!"

5. Amnesia - we begin to forget why we wanted to change in the first place. Our original situation doesn't seem so bad anymore. 

6. Backtracking - we move back into our current situation and live there until we begin the cycle all over again with Discontent


In this episode, Lecia teaches you the two things that can break this life-numbing cycle, and exactly how to go about it. 








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