Episode 9 - When You Can't Quit...Yet


You have a great business idea. You need more time to work on it. You miss your little ones. You want to quit your day job so bad! But it's not time...yet. 


But there are things you can do to prepare to be able to quit, and to move that time frame up a bit. These include: 


* Setting a specific date to quit and deciding what it will take to get there

* Decreasing your expenses to make it easier to give up your salary

   1. Find "lost" money and sock it away or use it to pay down debt

    2. Have a budget and USE it!!

    3. Don't replace any non-perishable items until they are completely worn out

    4. Trade, consign, and barter when you do need to replace items

    5. Never pay full price. Use apps like retailmenot to always have a coupon in hand

    6. Plan your menus around what is on sale at the grocery store

    7. Ask for practical gifts for birthdays and holidays

    8. Keep spouse birthday and anniversary gifts simple

* Find accountability and support by connecting with others in your situation

* Include the Lord in your financial planning and be a giver!


Helpful links: 

Budget templates from moneysavingmom.com

Coupon database at pinchingyourpennies.com

And, the link to join our FB community, Home Business-Minded Moms


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