Episode 13 - From Impossible to I'm Possible


Are the dreams in your head - the business you want to build, the lifestyle you want to lead, the ways you want to serve - impossible, or have they just not been done yet? 

Our mind often judges things to be impossible simply because it has no data to show that we can do it. In other words, in the past, we haven't done it. 

But why in the world would that mean we can't do it in the future? Every new skill we've ever learned, every new job we've ever taken on, every talent we've ever honed - none of that had been done by us before, either. And yet, we did it. 

If you're having trouble believing in yourself, listen in to re-tool your definition of impossible into I'm Possible. The person you want to be is in there, and she's DEFINITELY possible! 


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