Episode 16 - Your Own Hero's Journey, Part 2


While this is not a full text of the podcast, it is all the parts that involve you writing in your notebook! Have some fun with this!


Part I: The Call to Adventure

  1. You are in your ordinary world, but something is calling you to leave your mundane life and do something bigger or different.

  2. These little feelings you get are what cause you to take action. Call them promptings, intuition, gut feelings, urges. Maybe right now, something is telling you it’s time to take action.

  3. Think of your main character as being in a boat. In the past, the boat has been drifting along with the current. Not doing any real harm, but also not making any real progress. Now, suddenly, it feels like it's time to pick up the oars and start rowing.

  4. Write: What promptings have you been feeling in your life lately? What purpose is calling to your main character that lines up with what you know about her motivations, needs, etc? What would your main character do if time and money were not factors?  This is a lot like Knowing Your Why, which I went over in detail in Episode 6 if you need more help with this.

Part II: No Thank You

  1. This is every hero's initial reaction to the call to adventure. Fear! Inadequacy! All those little fleas that bite at you, leaving little marks of anxiety all over your body.

  2. Fear almost always follows a prompting to act. I love Elizabeth Gilbert’s take on this in her book Big Magic. She says creative ideas and fear are attached - they share vital organs. Wherever one goes, there goes the other as well. If you accept an idea that comes knocking on your door and you decide to go somewhere with it, fear always comes along.

  3. You can make a decision to accept that the fear is there, but that you’re not going to allow it to drive your plot. Remember, suspense can be a great element in a novel, so don’t try to cut it out completely. Make a commitment to follow your heart instead of your fear.

  4. Write: "I am afraid to act on the purpose I am feeling because _______________" (examples: I might fail. I don’t want people to know I’m trying something new. I might succeed and then what do I do? I might not have enough to give). Then write, "I choose to act anyway because _______________."

Part III: Meeting A Mentor

  1. When you are committed to a cause, help appears. What is your cause? Revisit what you wrote in Part I. Every hero has a cause!! If you haven’t figured out what you want your hero’s cause to be your story is going to stall, meander and go nowhere. Some examples of a cause might be: to teach the world the value of power napping; to become head of my division at work; to parent with intention and attention; to become a published author; to start a blog on energy healing; to go on a mission trip.  Rewrite your cause and mentally commit to it. Promise yourself you will not turn back.

  2. Your best mentor is God. Focus on creating and strengthening your relationship with Him through prayer, stillness and listening. The Bible tells us that God used to communicate with man (and woman) - why would He just suddenly stop? Isn't He the same yesterday, today and forever? Isn't He no respecter of persons? Let Him know you are ready to hear Him.

  3. Then get a human mentor as well. In most novels this mentor just “appears”. However, in real life you may need to seek one out. Look for someone who is doing what you’d like to do and reach out. Listen to podcasts. Read blogs. Go where those people would be - networking groups, mommy and me play groups, master mind groups, support groups.

  4. Write: - What will I do to strengthen my relationship with God? What does my (human) mentor look like? What are her characteristics, what is she doing / succeeding at? Where could I find someone like that? Or, write the name of someone you already have in mind.

Part IV: Enter the Belly of the Whale

  1. Now you’ve made a firm decision to leave your comfort zone and enter the unknown. Your gut is telling you - there will be danger!! You will most likely make mistakes, possibly giant ones! You do not know the rules of this new unknown. But you also don’t know the limitations. Think of that! Any wonderful thing is possible, and that thought can be very freeing.

  2. Enter this new world with great humility and you will be fine. Humility is NOT humiliation. Humliation is when you have been demeaned or embarrassed, usually publicly. Humility is a willingness to be listen, to learn and to be changed.

  3. Write: I can humbly accept that I need to change __________ in order to live with meaning.


More to come in Episode 17! 



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