Episode 22 - Join Me In A Free 5-Day Challenge (begins January 14, 2019)


It's tickling your brain - that business idea that just won't go away. When you're having trouble sleeping at night, your business idea is your go-to happy thought. 


You dream of a life where you call the shots. Where you can pick up and take your family to the mountains on a moment's notice, just because you want to. Where a sick child who has to stay home from school is no longer an emergency, because you're there.


Is 2019 your year to stop dreaming and start doing? 


I know you're afraid. But action is the antidote to fear. You just start moving, you just do it, and you feel better!


Take the first step with me right now by joining my FREE 5-day challenge that begins on Jan. 14th. I'll be live every day walking you through the steps to test drive your small business idea. We'll vet your idea like the pros do to make sure it's a winner before you go all in. Smart way to start, right? 


Click here to join!       



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