Here is where we've gathered together all the resources you need to get your business up and running. Links to experts, tutorials and more - it's all here! No more running down rabbit holes on the web, we've got you. 
Remember, your best source for creativity and knowledge is your Father in Heaven! Don't forget to include Him in your journey. 
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DIY Your Website - a drag and drop website builder that anyone can use - even me! (That's how I built this website!) And, they make it easy to add code if you have the skill and want to customize.



Set Up Your Legal Entity

Way easier than you think! I DO recommend you speak with a tax professional before choosing whether to be a sole proprietor, LLC, S-corp, etc., but actually setting it up is as easy as getting on the website for your state's Corporation Commission and choosing the link to Register Your Business. Then just follow the steps they lay out for you. 


For a little extra help setting up an LLC or Corporation, try They walk you through the process and you pay only the state's normal fee. They do it free in hopes that you'll continue to use them for other services. If you know you want to set up an LLC, this is a really easy way to do it! 




Shopify - create a beautiful ecommerce site without hiring a tech guy! Perfect if you sell physical products - Shopify has really made their site turnkey, so you can quit stressing and start selling! PLUS get a 14-day free trial!!


Siteground - if you have coding skills, Siteground is a great hosting platform. They make it easy to load Wordpress and all the plugins you need, together with great support! 

Graphic Design / Business Cards

Fiverr - I'm in love with this site! You can get anything done here and it's so low cost. Search "design logo" and then contact two or three vendors whose work you like. Provide them with as much information you can about what you do, what colors match the feel of your brand, etc, and prepare to be amazed! I recommend choosing a vendor who will provide you with at least 3 sample ideas, 3 revisions, and a source file so you can make changes to your design on your own later if you need to. 


Vistaprint - Upload the logo you had designed on Fiverr and see how it looks on a variety of business card templates. Choose the one you like, customize it, and voila! You're done. There are almost always coupon codes for Vistaprint. Search retailmenot to grab one before you order. 

Start a Blog - Don't waste your time searching all over the internet for help setting up, running and monetizing a blog. Crystal Paine has been doing all this VERY successfully for years, and she shows you how to follow in her footsteps in her guide "How to Make Money Blogging"


Coschedule - one stop shop to plan and schedule all your blog and social media posts at the same time. If you're a fan of working ahead, check this site out. 

Manage Your Cash

QuickBooks - to me, still the most user friendly way to keep track of income and expenses. $5-$30/mo depending on the level you choose, with proven reliability. 


EZBooks - a free alternative to QuickBooks, EZBooks is fantastic for tracking expenses, including taking photos of and storing receipts. Maybe a little less smooth at tracking income, but it still does the job. - 2 day classes on how to use the software, straight from the source. These live classes provide the confidence you need to keep your own books, regardless of prior experience. 


QuickBooks Online for Dummies, 4th Edition - more of a jump in and do it kind of learner? This Dummies book will be your go-to reference while you're figuring it out. 


Legal Forms and Info - I love how lawyer Bobby Klinck speaks entrepreneur. He helps business owners understand legalese, an important part of any business! 


Contractology - This website offers free "privacy" and "terms and conditions" blurbs with a credit back to them on your site 

Know Your Market

SurveyMonkey - Trying to niche down? Survey your social media tribe to find out what they REALLY need and where they're hanging out!  Surveys of 10 questions or less are free.


BuzzSumo - Find out what's popular or trending on social media and who is sharing what information. Free and paid plans available. 

Social Media Marketing

Amy Porterfield - I can't say enough about this gal! Her Online Marketing Made Easy podcast is practical and actionable. Her free webinars and paid courses are all beyond top notch. Don't waste another day without being hooked up with Amy, you really won't need social media advice from anyone else. She's got it all! 


One-Click Lindsey - She's my personal marketing go-to genius, the one I turn to to create landing pages, tweak my FB ads, and other marketing fabulousness. If marketing has you stumped, go check her out. 


Facebook Blueprint - Classes straight from the source that cover all things Facebook and Instagram


Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook - This eye-opening book will help you provide your customers with platinum-quality care as you balance what to give for free and what to charge for. 


Build Your Own Brand 5 Day Challenge - Use this free 5 day challenge from Pat Flynn to tighten up your brand on social media, your website and everywhere else. 

Get Started On Etsy

Etsy RockStars - a monthly subscription gives you access to videos, tips and strategies to Rock your Shop!! (of course I love that!) 


Etsy Forums - this section on the Etsy site is a great (free!) place to connect with other users and pick their brains. Any question you have has probably already been asked and answered!  




Creative Apps for Social Media


This list of helpful creative apps was curated by Facebook: 

For Photos: 

Adobe Spark Post - transform photos with design and animation templates

Piclab - Add text, borders and overlays

Plotaverse - Turn any still photo into a video or GIF

RIPL - Layer animated templates on top of photos


For Videos:

Videoshop - Combine photos and video, use stop-motion, resize, and edit

Quik - apply templates, text overlays and music

Legend - Add animated text to a photo or video


Learn to Podcast

Pat Flynn's YouTube video series - taught me everything I needed to know to get my Mighty Choice Life podcast up and running.  

More for Creatives


CreativeLive - Hundreds of classes and tutorials for those of you pursuing businesses in creative fields like photography, crafting, design, and more.

Online Scheduling

Acuity - After some really awful trial and error with schedulers that were basically a complete mess, I found Acuity! (cheers! hurrah!) Acuity powers my online scheduler, allowing my tribe to schedule coaching sessions online, and I've been sooo happy with it! There's a basic, free version, but the paid version is worth it. My clients get a hassle-free experience and I get a seamless workflow (from scheduling, to payments, to reminders) that I don't have to worry about.

Aliexpress and DHGate - both of these sites will allow you to order small quantities, great for someone who is just starting out or wants to test the waters on a new product


Alibaba this site is like a giant Yellow Pages of Chinese suppliers. Here, you can find companies who will brand your products for you - put your company name on the label. Alibaba does not do much vetting of their suppliers, so be sure to do your research before purchasing


ThomasNet - if you want to find US suppliers, this site is a great place to start 


LA Mart - for clothing and home goods buyers, this mecca in Los Angeles is an in-person deal. You visit individual designers' showrooms during market or other times to pre-order for the upcoming season.

Find Suppliers

All Things Small Business

Home-Business Minded Moms - this is our private FB group for support, ideas and getting loved on when the going gets tough! Come join us!


The Mighty Choice Life podcast - a weekly dose of motivation and how-to by yours truly. Leave me a review on itunes and I might give you and your business a shout-out on the show! 


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