The Six Week Entrepreneur


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So, what exactly is The Six Week Entrepreneur?


It's our signature course, a complete blueprint designed to get you from idea to your first customer in six weeks. Perfect for those who are just starting their business, or who want to start a business but aren't sure what to do or how to do it. This is an active class - meaning there will be work to do and participation is required! We take a unique MIND-BODY-SOUL approach to learning, so you'll get the mindset you need to thrive, the tools to grow over time, and the spiritual strength to change the world! 


Structure: When you sign up for The Six Week Entrepreneur, you receive access to a Members Only site where the six class modules will be released, once a week for six weeks. Each module includes a video tutorial with Lecia, along with worksheets you'll need to complete before moving on to the next class. In addition, there is an optional live group coaching session with Lecia every Thursday at 7 p.m. Arizona time where you can ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and get all the support you need. Plus, you'll be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can interact with Lecia and her coaching community for even more support! All modules may be accessed at any time after their release date, so work at your own pace. 


What you'll learn: 

Module 1: Generate an Idea

* Why I don't want you chasing money

* How to brainstorm effectively 

* Find your name and domain

* Learn to chart the progression of your idea

* Refine your idea into a business plan


Module 2: Define Your Why

* Define your purpose as a business owner

* Learn the one sentence every business owner must know by heart

* Define who you are serving and how you can best serve them

* We'll warn you about the dark side and how to totally slay it


Module 3: Managing the Money and other boring stuff

* Start-up funds: how much and where will it come from? 

* Separation of money

* The task that makes almost all women feel guilty. We'll help you through it. 

* The legalese of business

* Allocating funds

* Setting goals and managing cash flow

I told you it was boring. Don't worry, I'll tell jokes. 


Module 4: Build Your Brand

* Website and social media setup - where do I need to be and how often? 

* Find suppliers that are a good fit

* Communicating effectively with customers and vendors, and maybe your spouse too

* Marketing 101 - I built it, now how do I get them to come? 


Module 5: Managing Time and Space

* How to mom and work from the same space

* Saying yes and saying no, when and how to do both

* Where NOT to work and what to do instead 

* The proven technique to solve any problem - without losing your mind


Module 6: Grow Over Time

* The 3 best ways to protect your profits 

* The habits you MUST cultivate to win over time

* The question that should keep you up at night and how to answer it


Each module includes a section on how to partner with God as you grow your business. Although your belief in a higher power may be slightly different than ours, we think you'll find great value in upleveling your connection with the most powerful, creative force in the Universe!


What it costs: $897, $497 FOR EARLY BIRDS ONLY!! Monthly payment options are available. 


Anything else? Yeah, one more thing. We hate wait listing people, but because we include group coaching, this course is limited in size. If you hate waiting as much as we do, get on our early bird VIP list today!  


Six weeks will go by either way! Why not have a business at the end of it?



Join me and one mighty group of women on an amazing transformational journey. 

January 2019. The Six Week Entrepreneur. 


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