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Ready to find your spark? Listen in while we talk how to setup, start up, and completely rock your business; how to banish mindsets that limit success; and how to invite God into it all! 
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1 - Three Core Concepts for Creating an Epic Life

2 - Finding Your Unique Gifts

3 - Generating A Business Idea

4 - Doing It Scared

5 - Interview With Shellie Bowers

6 - Why Matters

7 - Scared to Sell aka Finding Your Value

8 - The Change Cycle

9 - When You Can't Quit Your Job...Yet

10 - Winning With Direct Sales, with special guest Christina Waters

11 - Winning With Direct Sales, Part 2: How To Know If It's Right For You

12 - I Don't Know How To Start

13 - From Impossible to I'm Possible

14 - Crafting Your Own Hero's Journey

15 - A Deep Dive Into Fear with Melyssa Roderick

16 - Your Own Hero's Journey, Part 2

17 - Your Own Hero's Journey, Part 3

18 - Living in Gratitude

19 - How To Slay Your Problems

20 - Am I Cut Out For Business? 

21 - 5 Things Successful Side-Giggers Do Every Day

22 - A 5-Day Challenge to Test Drive Your Small Business Idea

23 - Creating An Abundant Year

24 - Cultivating Stick-To-It-iveness

25 - Three Pitfalls to Avoid!

26 - A Servant Mindset

27 - What's A Warm Market? 

28 - Overcoming Overwhelm

29 - The Problem With A Me-Centered Business



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