"There are some people who just naturally engage an audience and present ideas in an eloquent way - that's Lecia! She is such a beautiful speaker. Any chance you get to hear her will be uplifting, motivating and inspiring!"

                                         - Leah S. 

"Lecia Crider engages her audience with wit and wisdom as she draws them into her narrative with accompanying insights. However, more than a humorous or poignant experience - which is never contrived and always honest - Lecia leads the indidividual to experience their own "aha" moments with personal application and takeaway."

                                         - Cindy H. 

Contact me HERE to book a date. Rates vary based on size of event and length of presentation, but will include basic accomodations and travel for anywhere outside of Arizona, USA. 
I Speak Small Business
There have never been more opportunities to be a business owner, but that doesn't mean it's without its challenges! Book me to speak at your event on: 
Living and Working in the Same Space - Without Going Crazy!
Working from home can be a dream - and a nightmare! In this speech I use my decade of work-from-home experience to give you all my best tips on managing the chaos, getting stuff done, and still being the mom you want to be. 
Discovering and Using Your Own Unique Gifts
Generating a great idea can be the hardest part of starting a business. You'll leave this interactive speech with a better understanding of what you're good at, and how that can translate into a successful business. 
I Speak Your Mind
Let's talk about your mind, and the thoughts and beliefs that might be holding you back.
Book me to speak at your event on: 
Freedom from Fear
Who could you be if courage triumphed fear? In this speech I give you the antidote to fear! You'll leave empowered and inspired to grow your business beyond the safe zone. 
Embracing Rejection 
A total mindset shift, this speech is all about the simple mathematical formula of business, the one question you should ask when someone says no, and why no is really not a bad word after all!
I Speak on Purpose
Let's connect the dots between what we're chasing in life and what we're getting. Book me to speak at your event on:
God as the Ultimate Business Partner
God is the most creative being in the Universe. He has blessed you with a portion of His creativity. But guess what? He will give you more, if you ask! Learn how to connect with God to generate more ideas, more success, and more purpose in your business and life. 
Why Chasing Money Just Makes You Tired
This speech will remind you how to focus on the Why of your business and not just the Bottom Line, so you can work in fulfillment instead of fatigue. 



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